Looking to move to NC?

Looking for a new home in the Carolinas can be fun and exciting. But figuring out where to lay roots will take some planning and thought. North Carolina has become a popular area to purchase a home due to its mountainous appeal and family-friendly neighborhoods. Nathan has recently received his North Carolina broker’s license and...

HOA and High Value Impact

Over the years, HOAs have been given a bad connotation. They exist for more than a few reasons, and most of them can significantly impact the current enjoyment and future value of your new home. What are HOAs? HOA stands for Home Owner’s Association. It’s an organization or group of community members who implement guidelines...

ISO Your Future Dream Home

For most of us, living in a new— well different place is bombarded with all sorts of questions hinged on a fear of the unknown and the giddy anticipation of what adventures lie ahead! Let’s put those fears to rest and focus on the adventurous aspect. That’s how I want my client to feel when...

Selling Tips For Homeowners

So if you are considering selling your home, here are some tips from the pros that will make your home more appealing when you decide to list it. Whether it’s finding your dream home, selling your current home or searching for that ideal piece of land for your forever home; our team of skilled professional...


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