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December 13, 2022by Nathan Goddard0

For most of us, living in a new— well different place is bombarded with all sorts of questions hinged on a fear of the unknown and the giddy anticipation of what adventures lie ahead! Let’s put those fears to rest and focus on the adventurous aspect. That’s how I want my client to feel when they are ISO of their dream home, like an adventure rather than an exhausting futile attempt to find a nice house, in a good neighborhood, that’s within their budget!

Looking for a home in a new location can be a frustrating process especially when you are unfamiliar with the city, town or people. If you are selling a home before relocating, a professional realtor can save you lots of time and money by guiding your quest! Once armed with all the pertinent community information, your most important home features and your home evaluation or budget, I will present your criteria to the team. I can represent you, the seller of your current home and then represent you as the buyer assisting you in every aspect of your future home purchase. Perhaps you are interested in finding a buildable lot for your dream home or a farm or a few acres just outside of town. This is just one of the many advantages of having the right real estate agent/broker in your corner. I know the area, the housing market, the properties that are available and most important– what you are hoping to find and that really matters to me, too. I want to relieve you of the stress associated with selling your home or the confusion and anxiety of negotiating with a seller’s agent once you’ve found the right home. Having a trusted, professional realtor at your side guiding your quest, you are free to explore different styles and neighborhoods of the available listings. This is why I’m your best asset! Growing up around these parts comes in handy in the real estate business. My agency will assist you from start to finish. When you walk away from negotiations feeling like, ‘The champ’– we will be there with you celebrating your victory!

Points to Consider:

Describe your ideal neighborhood or community. Where do you want to live and why? Are you relocating to the Upstate for your career? Are you a first-time homeowner? Are you downsizing or do you need more space? Do you want to live within walking distance to the downtown area or do you want to have a home in a gated community? How many bedrooms and bathrooms will you need? Is the school district a relevant factor? What style of home are you looking to purchase or build: ranch, colonial, modern industrial, etc.? These are just a few questions that will help in narrowing down your search.

Finding the right real estate agent:

Because buying or selling a home is a major decision and you want the best possible outcome; you will want a professional real estate agent to act as your advocate throughout this endeavor. Most people want someone who understands property laws and building codes– a professional, trustworthy, friendly and confident person who knows the area and how to navigate through the process. Knowing who to contact for everything from building inspectors to contractors in every phase of the construction industry because making sure that you are satisfied with the results is my primary goal. You want someone whose training and expertise will pay off when negotiating on your behalf, assuring that you will get the best possible outcome whether representing you as the buyer or the seller.

Preparing To Show Your Home:

So now you’re almost ready to list your home; your agent may make some suggestions like declutter, less is more! Or you may have an empty house, but not to worry! For the most part, I will be able to stage your home for showing. Your agent will schedule appointments to show your home and notify you in advance. You will also have the option to list your home online for tours, view staging tips and suggestions to make the process of selling your home a seamless process.

Finding a residential or commercial property while preparing to move or close on another property can be quite the challenge; however, a professional realtor will know the current market value of your home and will skillfully build its value at closing. Then forging ahead, I will prioritize the specifications about your future home purchase and negotiate on your behalf. We are with you all the way! Let Nathan Goddard Real Estate turn all of your real estate headaches and confusion into the positive experience of every homeowner’s dreams.

Listening to my clients as we review the MLS, gives me a deeper knowledge of the most relevant criteria to filter our available property listings and narrow our search results. Are you a buyer or a seller? What type of property? Residential or commercial? What area of Greenville or other community are you most interested in finding a lot, a home, or commercial property? What is the working budget? As we talk, your goals begin to transform into real properties until we find that One! If you have children, finding a home within a specific school district may be more important. Or you may need to be within some many miles of your workplace! To find your dream home, I have to know more than, for example, we are looking for a 3bd / 2 1/2ba house. I want to know all about your ideal home and find the perfect neighborhood, community, or farmhouse within your financial budget. Because helping you find your dream home or find the location for your new business office is making our communities stronger and better for the future.

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